“Nobody wants me here,” Mae said.

Every day Trader Joe’s donates dozens of beautiful bouquets of flowers for me to take to senior living communities. The link below tells of the origin of The Flower Project.

This is what happened today when we delivered flowers:

The sweet little lady was crying. A volunteer was trying to comfort her with words and so was the young activity aide. “Mae, You must have misunderstood. No one is blaming you for anything. You didn’t do anything wrong.” We were in the dementia unit and they thought that it would be best not to pass the flowers out to this group. “Some of the residents might put them in their mouth.” Oh, how sad that their condition had come to that. “Nobody likes me here. They don’t want me around anymore because they think I did it,” Mae cried.

I thought of myself. Who knows what condition my mind might be in a decade or two? The lady sobbed. I looked at the director and the flowers placed not needed here, on the table- the bouquets that I was going to take back to my car. We instantly thought of the pretty flowers – and I asked, “What do you think?” She nodded to give Mae the bouquet. “Mae, I have a bouquet of flowers for you because you are so special.” The tears stopped. She was incredulous and happy!

She started reciting the Hail Mary prayer and the volunteer and I joined in. “Mae, are you a Catholic? Would you like me to pin on this little angel pin to your sweater? Whenever you feel upset, you can just touch it.” It worked – it all worked – the flowers, the Hail Mary, the Team of Angels pin, the volunteer and the, young aide.

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