The sweetness of delivering flowers to seniors…..

Every day Trader Joe’s donates dozens of beautiful bouquets of flowers for me to take to senior living communities. The link below tells of the origin of The Flower Project.

This is what happened today when we delivered flowers:

My mother and I brought 31 bouquets to a senior living community near Fort Washington. A man with a walker said, “These flowers are for my lovely wife. There she is right over there.” I said to her, “Oh, you have such a nice husband.”

She had an oxygen tube and looked at me with a blank stare. I said to him, “Tom, is this your wife?” He responded by saying, “She is my LOVELY WIFE AND I MEAN IT.” Another man said, “My wife should be here in ten minutes. I will tell her you gave them to me.” I said, “Why don’t you pretend you ordered them for her?” He said, “No, I like to give credit where credit is due. Thank you so much, Miss.”

As I walked away, I turned for one more comment. I said, “Oh wait, were you fellows in the military?” They both beamed with pride. Tom said, “I was in the Navy.” and Sam said, ” I was in Korea.” I gave them each a hug and said, “I want to give the credit where due for your service to the USA. Thank you.”

My day starts with such a sweetness….sweet anticipation of picking up the blooms and visiting sweet men and women who love flowers.

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