Delivering the flowers today, re-connecting old friends

Today at a continuing care facility in Lansdale: The activity director took me in and out of so many rooms. “Oh my gosh, Trisha, you have so many bouquets. We will have to go into this lady’s room. She needs some cheering up.” She was a tiny lady with her head bowed down. A little hard of hearing too, “Oh Rose, so you grew up in Saint Martin’s parish? My mother’s good friend Terri Bloomed lived near there.”
“Oh my, Patricia, Terri lived next door to me all of my life. If you ever see her, tell her that I remember all of the good times on our block.” “Rose, I will see her on Friday at my Aunt Anne’s house.” I took a vase down from her shelf and placed the purple irises into it. And gave her a hug – told her that Terri would get her message in a couple of days. The old-fashioned way to send a greeting. Not email but a real live conversation with Terri over the dining room table at 87-year-old Aunt Anne’s as we eat her favorite lunch – a bowl of Campbell’s tomato soup with parmesan cheese and Saltines. Sort of 1950’s menu, don’t you think?

Just received this email from the activity director:

Hi Trisha,
Thank you so much for sharing your time with our residents this morning. Your visit with the flowers made so many residents feel so special. I loved seeing all of the smiles!

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