Doing a “Mitzva”

Today Inga helped me deliver the flowers donated by Trader Joes. She is 82.

Inga was six-years-old when she watched in horror as the synagogue burned and all of the books went in flames. Hitler’s Gestapo arrested Inga’s father too. Her mother took all of their gold down to the guards in Berlin and bribed them to release him. A Catholic lady named Maria owned the town bar and heard rumors about the plans Hitler has for the Jewish people in the 1930’s. Maria urged Inga’s family to flee to America. The rest of her family perished. She joined me as I delivered flowers today to Sunrise in Blue Bell. Inga is 82 now. She said she has to do 613 mitzvahs (good deeds) before she dies. That is part of her religion. Part of the commandment of the Torah. She kept a beautiful bouquet for herself and then helped me pass out 23 fresh flower bouquets.

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