Follow Your Arrow Wherever It May Point! But being THE FLOWER LADY?

I am giving a talk at my church on August 4th.

TOPIC: Follow Your Arrow Wherever It May Point!

Some people like flowers. But not Trisha. When Patricia Gallagher’s husband wanted to steal her heart, he sent her yellow roses. She told him, “Honey, I think flowers are a waste of money.” Ten weeks ago, she followed her arrow, the one that pointed to delivering 2,689 bouquets of fresh flowers to nursing home residents. It must have been a “Team of Angels” intervention that told her to ask Trader Joes for their day-old orchids, roses, daisies and other flowering blooms. Every morning, she says to rooms filled with the elderly, “Close your eyes. I have a surprise for you.”

The gift of “The Flower Project” is that it has taught her great lessons about Love, Life and Faith. In this funny and upbeat presentation, she will share the magical and happy feeling she gets being The Flower Lady…..and how much she now loves and appreciates yellow roses!

She wishes that she could find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow but until that happens this past middle–aged Mom is going to “Follow Her Arrow Wherever It May Point!”

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