I asked people to save vases for me to take to nursing homes.

I just received this email from one of my 7th grade students from many years ago. She saw my posting on Facebook asking folks to give me their unneeded vases. Trader Joe’s donates about 36 bouquets of fresh flowers every morning. I take them to local senior living communities.

Hi Miss Mohan, (Mohan was my maiden name before I became a Gallagher by marriage.)

Total count, as of today, is about 40 vases. I will drop them off this weekend. I could likely have more next week as I’ve given people until the end of next week to check their homes and offices and get them to me or arrange for me to pick them up. So glad to hear from you. I was worried that you no longer needed them.

Is there a better time to drop them off and if you’re not going to be home, is there a good place to put them?

Your old student,

Cheryl B.

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