Visit to Caring Heart Nursing Home in Germantown Today

Oh those glorious vases collected by Cheryl, my former 7th grade student. My mother and I went to Caring Hearts in Germantown. I had my little wheel-y cart like people walk home from the grocery store with. We loaded the vases, stacked from the bottom and the two trash bags filled with the bouquets donated by Trader Joes on top.

I randomly pushed the Number 2 button to the second floor. A lady was playing the harp and it was so serene. I asked the nurse if I could pass out the flowers to the group seated in the area right in front of the elevator. Twenty three people got a bouquet and I left the vases at the nurses station so they could add water and place the flowers in each room.

CALLING ALL FRIENDS: If you can, would you please send an email out to your co-workers and family, requesting no longer needed vases?

I am committed to doing this for at least another month…maybe longer and it is even more special to offer them the vase with the bouquet. Thanks a million!

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