Being the Flower Lady is such a privilege for me!

On my Flower Run with 25 beautiful bouquets donated by Trader Joes!

I had 25 bouquets with me. Oh no, I counted 28 people seated in a horse-shoe shaped semi-circle waiting for their flowers – in a big meeting room. I was three short and from what I know about the folks I visit, they want their OWN bouquet…..and do not want to split a bouquet.

I faced the group of the expectant expressions and announced that I would bring three more bouquets on Wednesday. As luck would have it, one lady was allergic and couldn’t have any, a man was with his wife so they only needed one bouquet and one lady was sound asleep in her wheelchair so I had the exact amount needed.

“Tell me, Patricia, why are we getting these flowers? Oh my goodness! Can I really keep them? Are they really for me?”

It was another magical day for me -being the Flower Lady fits my “follow your arrow wherever it may point” personality. There is no question that this is the most rewarding “summer job” that I have ever had!

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