Flowers to a man in Hospice

Yesterday, my “new 82-year-old friend” who fled to the USA during The Third Reich in Germany called and asked if she could go with me to do a Mitzvah. (A good deed) I picked her up and we visited a place in Norristown. The activity director said, “Elmer needs flowers. He was just put in hospice.” He looked speechless.

Then on to Mike’s room. “He is a real ladies’ man.” “Hi Mike, how are you doing?” “I am just grand today, How about you?” I asked him if he wanted to pass some flowers out to some ladies. He smiled the biggest and most charming smile as if he had been giving flowers to ladies all of his life. And I am sure there were lots of ladies in his life that gave him flowers and gifts that said I miss you, I love you, Let’s get back together. Yep, he had that JFK and Sidney Poitier charisma and good looks too. I would have fallen for his lines back in the day too!

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