Only one resident could speak – the others nodded and smiled.

There is a Group Home for people with developmental issues or possibly severe brain injuries, perhaps from an accident or from birth. I really do not know anything more about this community home or the residents’ medical diagnosis. I passed it a couple of times and something told me that I “had” to go there with the flowers and my new “companion…sweet little Inga” who likes to accompany me on these flower capers.

There were 8 people laying flat or in special wheelchairs with aides feeding them food that was the consistency of applesauce….lovingly feeding them. The youngest girl appeared to be young, maybe in her late teens, and she was the only one that seemed to be able to speak. The oldest was probably 50. The residents spoke with their eyes, nodded and smiled.

The place was very clean and the temperature cool on a very hot day.

There is nothing more to say. I have no words. “There but for the grace of God go I.”

I gave the flowers to each person – resident and staff. Yes, the staff working there was very special. I saw a lady sitting outside. Her name was Barbara. “How long have you worked here?” She answered. “23 years.”

God placed her there for 23 years – what a blessing to have her there. In that place, special angels work with the special angels living there.

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