Beth wanted to put flowers in the chapel today at the nursing home.

Today in Montgomery County – delivering flowers donated by Trader Joe’s

Two nuns who are residents of a Catholic retirement home for religious were sitting on a bench outside. “You car is beautiful! What kind is it? And those flowers are beautiful too!” I handed both of them beautiful gladiolas and they couldn’t believe what was happening. “Oh, I love flowers so much. Oh thank you to God for bringing me this nice surprise. Can we pray for you?” Before I knew it, I felt two sets of hands on “my too stiffly hair-sprayed head” and they were praising God and asking Him to shower blessings on me and my family.

“Be careful driving home.” “What are you praying for?” I asked them. Sister Anne said, “There is a sign that marks the entrance to come into this place and it is all covered with weeds so people cannot see the entrance.” Sister Jane added, “We are trying to get someone to clean it up but it is too thick for us to do it.”

And then I took the rest of the flowers inside, gave one to the receptionist, one to the nun who was the “greeter” – just like at Walmart and …..Beth took the rest of the beautiful flowers to place in the chapel and also to the pastoral care counselor.

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