Need flowers on Thursday morning?

The bouquets donated by Trader Joe’s went to a senior living community in North Wales today:

I am going to be picking up my daily donations about 9:45 am on Thursday. If you would like me to stop by around 10 am, just let me know. Thank you. Trisha

Yes you can leave them at the front desk for me. I can’t have you deliver them yourself tomorrow. Hope that is ok. We will use them for our HT program and give them out. Thanks so much.

Sounds great! I will drop them off soon! Happy Thursday to you!

Dear Trisha,
Thank you so much for the thoughtful donation of flowers. The residents loved having them. We so appreciate your thinking of them

Hi Mona,

The pleasure is mine to bring flowers. I loved hearing the piano music as I entered and spoke to two residents on my way out….they said they were going to Trader Joe’s.

Hi M,
I saw three men gardening and I just mentioned to them how beautiful their “work” was. I asked them what country they were from and they said Ecuador. I told them that I went to Ecuador for a month. I asked what city? They said Cuenca. Amazingly, that is the exact place where I spent my time. We had a great conversation about their lovely city, 8300 feet up in the Andes Mountains.


Mona Gold

9:01 AM (7 hours ago)

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