I think it would be nice especially right now if we could pass out some get well soon flowers.

Hi Patricia,
I am sad to say that our building has been closed to the public for this past week. We have a stomach flu going around the whole building especially in reminiscence. We think it is a bacteria called shigella, found mostly on fresh produce. We are asking that no one from the outside enter our building and no one from our building go out. I would definitely still love love love to pass out flowers to my residents. I am not sure if maybe you can just drop them off and I’ll pass them out myself and care managers. Or if you’d rather we just postpone it until next week when hopefully all of this clears up. You think about it and get back to me whenever you can. I’ll double check with my supervisor to see what she thinks. Because I think it would be nice especially right now if we could pass out some get well soon flowers to the folks who are ill. Just a thought.

Thank you so much,


Hi Caroline,

I think that the flowers would be the perfect medicine! I will bring whatever Trader Joe’s give me so you and your staff can pass them out. You are about an hour ride from me so I will pick up the flowers at 9:30 am and should get there about 10:30 am.

Note: I got there and saw a printed sign on the entrance that said BUILDING CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. I walked into the front desk area and the receptionist greeted me expectantly with, “Oh, great, the flowers!!!” Caroline came over and said, “Next time, can you stay for a little bit and mingle with the residents? I am so sorry that we cannot let outsiders in today.”

I looked around and saw a lot of people sitting in their wheelchairs in the dementia unit. I think the flowers will chase away a little bit of the blues. Thank you, Trader Joe’s!


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