Flowers for Esther, Helen, Otis and Elmer


So I just got back into my car with about 10 bouquets left to deliver. I wondered to myself, who are they meant to go to? I saw a group of four women and one man. All impeccably dressed. I noticed them looking at me. From a distance, they probably observed the “transaction” between the homeless man and me, about five minutes before. I asked them if they were visiting the sick or evangelizing. “We are Jehovah Witnesses.” “Do you have people that you visit that would like some flowers? Trader Joe’s gives me lots of flowers each morning and I go on “my route” passing them out. I have a few buckets left. Can you use them?” “You bet we can.” And they proceeded to name all of the people that would get a surprise bouquet that afternoon. “The orchids are for Esther. The daffodils will go to Helen. Elmer can take these to his wife in the hospital. Let’s take the variety ones to Otis……”

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