God bless you, Mama. (But I was not his Mama.)

From Patricia “Petals and Blooms” Gallagher
God seems to work in mysterious ways with these lovely flowers!


He was a homeless looking fellow, maybe about 65, walking down a Philadelphia street with an ACME cart filled to overflowing with newspapers, blankets, corrugated folded cardboard and cans. He was pushing the load with great effort. Of course, you know I had to hop out of the car with a bunch of sunflowers. “Here are some flowers for you.” “God bless you, Mama.” (I was not his Mama!) “I just have to make ‘me’ some money.” I thought about saying, “Here are some bouquets. Maybe you can sell them for a dollar each.” I thought Trader Joe’s might not like that sort of retailing commerce or sort of street-wise entrepreneurship. Who knows it may have cost me having my daily “Petals and Blooms” donations taken away! So, I gave him a five dollar bill and a hug instead. Just thinking, could he be one our homeless veterans……..Germantown Avenue, Germantown section of Philadelphia, if you are looking for him.

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