The rainy day even looked a little sunny for me!

I was walking into a Wells Fargo bank today and an older man with a Veterans type of hat was standing outside. “How are you?” He answered, “So, so. Are you a smoker?” I think he wanted to “bum a cigarette” as boys used to say on the Ocean City boardwalk. Hadn’t heard that expression for a long time. (Thinking back to the Flower Power era of that same time on the boardwalk when we had daisies on our jeans, earrings, etc. – so much fun! )

I figured he was waiting for his wife in the bank. I opened my car door and grabbed a bouquet of colorful zinnias, carnations and daffodils with some other greens sprinkled within the cellophane wrapping. “Here’s a bouquet for your wife.” He looked shocked and smiled. “What? Huh? For my wife?”

The rainy day outside even looked a little sunny to me….and maybe a little brighter for him and his wife. So glad I am able to re-gift flowers every morning. (Moral of the story: Never underestimate the power of a flower.)

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