Flower for the lady at the McDonald’s drive-thru window!

I took some flowers to a nursing home in Lansdale where one of my mother’s friends lives. I asked my mother if she wanted a milkshake at McDonalds. The older lady that took our money at the drive-thru window was staring at the back of my car as if there was something fascinating there, maybe a gorilla eating a banana or something that she just could not stop staring at…….. I kind of glanced to the back seat to see what caught her attention. “I am just admiring all of your beautiful flowers in your back seat. Are they for a wedding?” I smiled and said, “Nope, one is especially supposed to go to you.” “Are you kidding? For me? Why?” I told her my little story of how Trader Joe’s gives them to me and then I pass them out “wherever they are needed.” Just dropped my mother off at home and on to deliver 21 bouquets of caring to a place in Malvern. Can’t make anymore impromptu McDonald’s deliveries today. They are all especially marked and divinely appointed for the 21 people waiting in Chester County. And I can’t wait to deliver them! Just think what an abundance of joy these flowers bring – and to think that the stores would have thrown them away as “day-old” – they really do look and smell amazing. These petals and blooms have a purpose and they are giving me a purpose too.

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