Flowers went to ladies and a man in a McDonalds restaurant!

I met Cheryl, my former 7th grade student at the McDonalds in Lansdale to pick up about 50 beautiful vases that she collected for me – all colors, shapes and sizes. I had my bags of bouquets with me to show her. Three people were sitting in a booth behind me. Isabella was 82 years old, still works in a grocery store, and her friend was Donna – has been “going with” her boyfriend for 36 years and the third person was the brother of the one whose husband passed away in June. “My husband and I had the greatest love story – I miss him so much. I am a singer. I won $500 once for singing ‘Where the Boys Are.’ I still sing on Friday nights at a restaurant near here.” I gave each lady a bouquet. “Oh, I am going to my daughter’s house for dinner. I will put these on the table.” Then, the man asked if he could have a bouquet for someone who had done a favor for him at the Giant grocery store. The fellow wouldn’t let me give him a five dollar bill. I am going to run these over there now.” Gee, nobody would pay a dime to hear me sing yet I found myself singing ‘Where the Boys Are’ – all the way home.

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