Going to a hospice for people suffering with AIDS.

It was a bright sunny day to the outside world but where I was going days are rarely sunny. I went to an AIDS hospice in Philadelphia. It felt like a lonely place, where fortune had not smiled kindly on the residents. I guess it would be fair to say that the people in there lives had changed dramatically. I had been there a few years ago with the stuffed animals and Team of Angel pins. What a dark room, with just the dim light of the television; people just sitting on old couches. Dark disease too. I thought about people need a purpose and imagined how the residents would probably “light up” every morning if they could join me delivering flowers. Three people were there yesterday – two ladies about my age and a man. Many others were up in their rooms. I can’t imagine much exciting happening up there either. I had 10 bouquets and ten colorful vases. I asked the two ladies if I could leave the boxes and blooms with them and perhaps they could arrange them and place them around their “home” for decorations. Their faces lit up. They had a “purpose” – a little job – something to do that was happy and bright. The petals and blooms had a purpose too. It wasn’t much for me to do, just a ride to Philadelphia with my mother. Although the dose of flowers won’t make them well, it gave them a smile. I still heard the sound of the television when I left but I also heard a little laughter and a little conversation – I took that as the flowers might have brought a little sound of hope too. I hope so!

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