The flowers look like a rainbow of colors – I wish I had enough for everyone who needed a lift in their spirits!

I play a little game with myself each day when I go into a nursing home. I must have unconsciously made it up. I call it FLIP -FLOP. I look at each person’s face and then I “flip-flop” and put my face or the face of someone in my family on that person…….and ask myself what I would want someone to do if it were me or someone that I love. From the person laying on a stretcher, to the person who cannot speak or move from a stroke, from the young man in a home for people ages 18 to 45 with a brain injury……when you picture yourself in that identical situation, and pretend to walk a mile in their shoes for just a split second……I walk out so happy…..happy that I can really WALK out.

My mother and I went to two places yesterday. She did not go in with me…just waited in the car. I think it is a little depressing for her because several of her friends are in nursing homes and it is hard to see the people you were so close to….in an “altered” state of mind….being forgetful or not their former selves. Today I am doing a program MEMORIES OF SUMMERS PAST……lots of colorful props to go along with my talk…..shells, fresh peaches, buckets and shovels, beach hats, sunglasses, an empty wine bottle and picnic stuff……and of course the blessing of the bouquets donated by Trader Joe’s each morning. The most common reaction is the surprised and happy expression followed by, “Oh my! Are they really for me?”

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