They were not in their “golden years” – but flowers so appreciated!

It is amazing where I ended up with the flowers today. I had never been to this place before -and instead of buildings that looked like nursing homes, they had lots of cottages. The purple cottage, the brown cottage, the tan cottage……I went up to the one that my heart was telling me to go into first but I saw a sign that said Oxygen in Use Building. (From my visit at a place yesterday in Norristown, I noted that a lady with oxygen could not handle the fragrance of the bouquets so I walked from the “Oxygen Cottage” to the “Purple Cottage.”) Seated in a room were 8 ladies, most in wheelchairs watching television, one doing a puzzle and two just sitting there. But there was one common thing that I noticed. It did not look like any other place that I have visited. They were not in their golden years people. All of the age 30’s and 40’s women……all of the ladies were born with the Down’s syndrome condition. There was great joy when Marcie and I passed out the flowers. There was love and happiness in the room. A few ladies could not speak. And the staff reminded a few others to say “Thank you.” But that certainly was not needed. There was calm in the room. I said, “Does anyone want to sing Zippity Doo Da with me?” I am not a singer but for a minute or so we all shared our zest for life with a song. The bouquets were being held like a winner in the Miss America pageant…….so that is what happens when you are driving along with the flowers and say, “God, where do you want them to go?”

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