Would you like a couple of bouquets for your wife?

The place was a senior living apartment community for people with disabilities and other special needs. I planned to just make a “speedy delivery” of the petals and blooms to the elderly, isolated and ill. I parked my car with the flashers on – right where the sign said No Parking. A security guard came out to tell me to look at the sign and just as he did I dropped a glass vase and the shards of glass went all over the asphalt.

He was not a happy camper about either situation, where I parked or what I dropped.

I scrambled to look under the car for the pieces of glass and he got sweeping with his broom. He was not whistling while he worked!
The ladies in the lobby were waiting for the “bouquets of caring” and the heavenly fragrance wafted in before me. Smiles, joy, excitement….definitely appreciated by the women who needed a little rosey-ness in their day.

Then the guard came in……and spotted the floral bounty. I asked, “Would you like a COUPLE of bouquets for your wife?” I thought that I would extend the “peace pipe for healing our troubled relationship.”

OMG. OMG. He became my new best friend. “My wife will love these. Do you have another vase?” He wanted the pink vase and so did another lady. A tiny squabble ensued over the coveted vase. The lady said, “That is why we call him ONE WAY HARRY. Because he always likes to have things ONE WAY – HIS WAY.”
I love sharing the joy of Trader Joe’s flowers!

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