Lillian is living the golden rule.

The flower deliveries today: to some of my friends at church, to surprise two ladies sitting in an Italian restaurant and to a nursing home in Doylestown.

I ran out of flowers, after about ten bouquets at the senior living community so a good Girl Scout is always prepared….with my Team of Angel pins of course.

“My room-mate is from Viet-Nam and she is awake all night. I don’t get any sleep. She is in the hospital now so I can get some rest. Her two daughters speak English and they ask me to watch her. My kids say, ’Mom, you are not her babysitter. But how can I let another human being try to get up in the middle of the night, wet herself and then fall down? So I stay awake ‘on watch’ so she doesn’t get hurt. She is awake calling to go to the bathroom but then she sleeps all day. We can say Hello and give friendly nods but that is about it.”

Thank you for the blessing of people like Lillian!

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