One lady said, “To God be the glory for the flowers.”

It was not one of the fancy-smancy senior living communities – you know the kind that have beautiful lobbies and crystal chandeliers. Nope, nothing swanky about it. This was your basic no-frills type of place where the ladies sit around a sort of beat-up little table and talk about their lives, how they learned to spell, the beach, the boats and the struggles of life. Lots of talk about their babies too and if you listened to the pride in their voices, they all were certain that their offspring could have been the Gerber Baby! There is no “earthly” reason why I am so drawn to go there – been there three times with the flowers since I started The Flower Project on May 15th. Lee said, “I just finished praying the Saint Theresa novena and look what ‘she’ sent me. That always happens to me. When I say that novena, something happy happens. Saint Theresa sent me roses!” Liz said, ‘‘My grandson is home on leave from Afghanistan. He leaves again on Saturday. He has four more years to go. He signed up for six. I am going to give these flowers to him.”

Mary asked, “Do you own a flower shop?” I told them the story about how I couldn’t bear to let Trader Joe’s throw them out. One lady who seemed to be sleeping was jolted awake by the flower commotion. I opened the huge plastic bags and placed the bouquets on the table – it sort of looked like the counter of a florist. And then seven ladies walked over with their walkers and shopped in my “Flower Shop” and all left bearing bunches of blooms and wearing smiles on their beautiful faces.

One lady said, “To God be the glory for the flowers!”

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