Maybe the flowers had a twinge of excitement for the bed-bound residents.

Geez, this was a long ride today, about an hour to the nursing home. I parked my car at the side parking lot and could see a big picture window with ladies looking out of the window. I didn’t know where the room was….but hoped that when I went into the main entrance, I could “find” the room with those ladies. The activity director took me to the lunch room and we placed 20 bouquets on the long table. I heard a chorus of oohs and aahs –and fortuitously, I saw the ladies who had been near the window. (I bet they all have an interesting story to tell but today was just a flower delivery day but I wished I had more time to chat with the residents.) We unwrapped the cellophane and separated the bouquets into miniature bouquets so that each resident could have a little bunch to hold. She said that they had over 100 residents so by “breaking up the bouquets,” we would have enough to pass out in the lunch room and then take more flowers to the people who were “bed-bound.” I looked at the bunches of colorful flowers which reminded me of the excitement of going back to elementary school – with the bunches of colors in a Crayola 96-count crayon box! Maybe the flowers had a twinge of excitement for them too.

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