Team of Angels – another project

Hi Trisha,
I met you in Doylestown Hospital about three years ago when I was registering your mother for an out-patient test. I had been given one of your Team of Angels pins by a co-worker whose aunt had been in a nursing home in Doylestown and after she died they found the pin in her belongings and she gave it to me not knowing where it came from. Fortunately for me I was wearing the pin when your mother spotted it and told me you had designed it. She then asked you to come in because I so wanted to meet you and learn all about the pin. At the time you gave me an assortment of pins which I passed out a long time ago. Last week one of our volunteers spotted the pin and said she had to have one. So I thank you for bringing in some more yesterday for my co-worker and for my dearest sister-in-law with stage four cancer and a backup for myself. Thanks for so generously giving me additional Team of Angel pins and it will be my pleasure to pass them on. I certainly deal with lots of sick people and have already brightened many with your team of angels!

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