A gift of love – his roses!

He was sitting outside in a motorized type of wheelchair, I think. He was a pleasant man. He saw the bag of flowers that I was unloading from my car. “I used to have roses. I had 96 rose bushes in my backyard.”

I asked where he was from and his name. “Would you like a bouquet of roses?”

“I sure would like one for my wife.”

I forgot about him and got right to zipping in with my shopping cart filled with the blooms. In the waiting area, near the dining room, a lady was holding a bouquet.

I felt a twinge of disappointment. “Oh, somebody else must be doing this. That lady already has a bouquet.”

Then, I looked at the man holding her hand. She held the flowers. He held her hand and her heart – for over 50 years. It was the man that I met outside – the Rose Bush Man of Levittown.

He zipped in faster than me to give his bride a gift of love – his roses!

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