Boy, oh boy….yesterday was a tough day on Flower Patrol duty!

Boy oh boy, yesterday was a tough day to find people to “adopt” the bouquets. I didn’t know it was going to be such a challenge to find people who needed sunshine in their day. The first senior living community up near Quakertown did not have vases so the activity director thought it would be a little overwhelming to decide what to do with 34 ladies clamoring, “Are you going to get me a vase?” So, I gave a few bunches of flowers to the employees. Then, I took them to my church. I knew that they have a million vases somewhere……but looked in cabinets and closets, and not a one could be found. I put the petals and blooms with the perfume-y fragrances in the sink with lots of water so that they would stay fresh. Then, I went to the Dollar Store hoping to pick up ten dollars’ worth of vases for the bright blooms; they only had the bud-size vases so I went back to get the flowers in the sink. I planned to grab the bunches and take them to New Seasons Assisted Living. There are usually people still in the BINGO room at 9pm. (Note: Most “normal” people my age are tucked in bed with a good book and a cup of tea at 9 pm on a Wednesday night.) I had the luck of the Irish when I got back to Circle of Miracles because there were six people there for a healing blessing service……guess who got the gift of the kaleidoscope of colors flowers? Whew! I was tired of being on “The Flower Patrol” last night. Thank you, Trader Joe’s for your heartfelt support of flowers!

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