He was giving the flowers to his “Honey-Bun.”

It was “raining cats and dogs” and I was just about to turn the corner to go into the Philadelphia nursing home parking lot. I saw an age 50’ish man lugging heavy trash bags to his truck. Maybe he was a home remodeler or paperhanger. Looked like a lot of hard labor to be doing on Labor Day. I let him pass in front of my car and he waved a “Thank you” wave. I rolled down my window and said, “I have something for you.” He looked puzzled at what I said and pretty worn out from carrying the loads. He had a “doo-rag” head wrap tied on his head. We used to call them scarves.

“I am taking some flowers to the nursing home right over there and I have an extra bouquet. Do you have a lady you would like to give them to?” I wish I had a camera to capture his happy expression when he held the bright yellow fresh daisies and roses. “But why are you giving them to me? I am going to give them to my wife. She’s my Honey-Bun.”

And then the big-time looking NFL football player type got into his truck……and mumbled something like, “Man, I just don’t understand.” And he waved like a man who had no burdens……like a man going home to surprise his wife on a rainy holiday. Giving them to Honey-Bun. Ask me how I feel about being The Flower Lady? I really, really love it!

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