Who is the Flower Vase Angel that left vases by my back door?

Hello friend! It’s been awhile…but I’ve been reading all of your posts, and excited to see how well your Flower Project is going! Thought I’d peek my head above the back-to-school crush to say that I’ll be praying for your awesome flower project, and that I think you are doing a wonderful job! AS USUAL!!!!! And what a great re-purposing of flowers that would otherwise be trashed…you are the perfect person to rescue them! I will pray for a space, and for the other things you may need to watch this program “grow” :-). If anyone can do it (with God on your team), it’s you!

And I hurriedly dropped off some vases on your side porch the other day, but I don’t remember if I put our name on the bags or not…one of my many senior moments these days! My were running late for a family gathering, but I didn’t want another week to pass without getting them to you. I will keep my eyes open for more, and spread the word. You are doing great things – keep going!



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