Let’s use the healing properties of pretty flowers to heal detoured lives.

Soft yellows, warm pinks and other pastel shades of flowers – colors lacking in the halls and on the walls of a jail cell. I just thought of another place where I think the flowers would do a world of good -the women’s correctional facility near my home. My mother volunteered there for years and I worked with young women after they were released.

All young, beautiful women whose lives got detoured due to substance abuse;the gift of a bouquet of colorful tulips, pansies, and hydrangeas would be a natural high. I thought of what might happen if the ladies were given a bouquet of hope, love and support. A sort of an “I believe in you” message and a symbol of a second chance. The young women are all “somebody’s daughter and grand-daughter” – young girls like our own. If anybody has a contact there or somewhere else, let’s make this happen.

I think bouquets of beauty will help those feeling afraid, anxious, depressed…..missing their children, regretting what happened, not able to forgive themselves for mistakes they made. Fresh flowers to help someone make a fresh start – let’s use the healing properties of pretty flowers to heal detoured lives.

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