I was crying listening to her voicemail message.

My daughter called me a little while ago and said that one of her friends’ parents wanted to give me a donation for gas so that I can continue doing the Happy Flower Day Project.

Hi Patricia,
It was my birthday yesterday and I said to my husband that I would like to do something for someone else to celebrate. I read your Facebook postings and I can relate. My mother was in a nursing home. She had seven devoted kids. Every night one of her kids was over there visiting her. But her room-mate had two kids; one that never came and one that came once a week.

After my mother passed, I sort of “adopted” her and brought her flowers once a week. If her own kids did not care very much, I wanted her to look at the vase of flowers and know that another family cared about her.

Isn’t she such a remarkable and thoughtful lady to think of sharing her birthday by bringing “happy bouquets” to strangers? Tomorrow – in honor of Maureen’s birthday and her generous heart, a whole room filled with ladies will receive flowering bouquets at a nursing home in Jenkintown.

Her proud mother is smiling down at her precious daughter with pride! And what a lucky husband and kids to have a Mom/wife like her!

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