I love that they go to people who need smiles!

man preaching blue shirt singing flowers stapeleyIt was a little bleak. More than 20 elderly people watching a television screen that many probably could not hear or see very well. I awkwardly carried the boxes of vases that rattled noisily. An assortment of colored vases – cranberry-colored, crystal, mosaic patterns and ivory. And two big white trash bags holding the bounty of gardenias, daisies, roses, pale wild asters, tulips and other pick-me-up bouquets.

My garden used to give me such joy. I liked to invite my friends over for some spiced iced tea and strawberry muffins.

Oh, when my roses were in full bloom, it was a sight to see. And my black-eyed Susans, they were right up against the fence.

I remember when my little boy asked me how dandelions grow. That kind of thing lasts in your memory. (And if she is nostalgic like me, she remembers a little boy’s kisses too.)

I can still hear my mother singing in the orchard.

I said to the sales associate at Trader Joe’s this morning. “I think I am just going to be able to do this until October.” She responded, “Oh, please keep doing it through the holidays because I get beautiful harvest displays for Thanksgiving and special Santa Claus displays for Christmas. I love that they go to the people that need smiles.”

I think the Harvest bouquets would bring plentiful yields of joy. I can just picture them, wrapped in gold and autumn colors – bright vermilion, gold and brown – with crimson berries.

Just thinking of the storms that the residents have weathered and how so many are still deep in storms.

But in their gaze, I see courage and open arms that await a bouquet I love seeing the happy expressions when they clap their hands and say how much they love the flowers.

And I start to feel…..the seeds of Thanksgiving that this opportunity came out of the blue for me. Hope I can do it through the Thanksgiving season.

The people in their twilight days are thankful for the little things, the common, take-for-granted things…….like the perfume scent of a donated bouquet of flowers from Trader Joe’s.

I think they will like the tawny gold clusters of November bouquets too. The late Autumn colors will look pretty with their silver hair -silver and gold, what a royal combination!

The flowers are as bright as sunshine on an Indian summer day.

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