Bouquets of Appreciation for nursing home staff

pic-3-circle-of-miracles2Two of my adult children work in senior living communities. They go way over and beyond in their work to make the lives of their residents happy. That is why I thought that I would like to share the flowers with the staff too. If the staff feels valued and appreciated, their giving spirit trickles down to better care for the folks who are under their care.

flowers in vase google image

Everyone likes to be appreciated and I know how dedicated the employees of senior living communities are. Why not surprise them some morning with a bouquet of beautiful petals and blooms? I have lots of them and they are a “gift” to you. Please call to schedule a time for your employees to be the recipients of a Random Act of Flowers!

Hi Patricia,
Thanks so much for speaking with me today about bringing the flowers to Sunrise. I would love to set up an opportunity to honor our team members with your Bouquets of Flowers for Appreciation. Whenever you have an availability, please let me know what may be a good date to try and set this up. Thanks in advance.

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