Over 120 bouquets passed out today – lots of joy

saundra flowers stapeleyBob and I had a busy day on Friday. One of the Trader Joe’s store had “by mistake” received an extra shipment of flowers that was meant for another suburban store….so they had double what they usually give me. My car was filled to overflowing, literally. We had ten gigantic Mums, ten mini-mums……and 103 other types of floral displays. A hospice nurse was at the first senior community where we were passing out the flowers; she asked if she could take some to her patients. Bob and I were heading to the dementia unit. I happily told her to go out and “shop” in my car. “Please take whatever you need. “Another lady asked if she could take ten bouquets to Abington Hospital and there were two people in the parking lot affiliated with a Protestant Church. They had an outreach meeting that afternoon. I said to them, “Just help yourself. Take whatever you would like from the flowers that are on the back seat of my car.” They assured me that they had people in their congregation that would benefit from the surprise of flowers within the next hour.

And when I walked out to get into my car, in the distance, I saw the hospice nurse, the Protestant Church couple and the lady heading to the hospital – with arms overflowing with blooms – on their way to brighten hospital rooms and spirits. An elixir that would be the medicine for low spirits…..and a simple and pretty way to warm a heart that feels lonely!

One thing I know for sure…..blooms brighten!

Lots of flowers in back seat of the car

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