So, it is not Mother’s Day. It is Happy Flower Day.

residents holding flowers stapeleyOh, how fun it is to be the Merry Flower Lady! That is what I felt like at 10:30 am today – on a rainy Monday. Carrying vases of fragrant flowers into a nursing home on a balmy morning; I could never have imagined doing this type of project before last May.

google flowers

I walked into an assisted living place on Horsham Road and asked if they would like large apple-red flowers, and 23 bouquets of yellow, purple, rosy-pink, and green blooms and some stunning yellow daffodils. When I passed them out to four ladies leaning on their walkers in the hallway, their faces shone-bright. One asked, “Is today Mother’s Day?” I said, “Nope, it is Happy Flower Day!”

The rest of the bouquets were “waiting in a bag” for the activity director. She began passing them out and said,” We have been the recipient of some sunshine on a rainy day. Follow me. I am taking them upstairs and we can arrange them this afternoon.”

So, no it is not Mother’s Day, Esther. I hope the flowers dissipate a little gloom for anyone who is nostalgic for the old days. Maybe for a minute or two, the sweet ladies can forget the rain outside of their windowsills and think of the petalled cups filled with perfume-y fragrance…. and the great beauty of a golden daffodil and a vase filled with purple morning glories!

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