The silk scarf

I visited a nursing home in Philadelphia. I packed all of my things back in my car and was just sitting there trying to “regroup.” An elderly lady tapped on my window and asked, “Are you here to pick me up? Are you from the church?”

“No, I just finished doing some entertainment in the activity room.”

“Well, some church invited me for a dinner and they are coming for me. I guess I will just keep waiting on the bench.”

I remembered that my friend Louise had given me a bag of goodies to bring to the nursing home residents. I didn’t know what was in the bag.
On the top of the items were two silk scarves, one with a beautiful black pattern and the other was aqua. She was wearing a black coat and black slacks.

I went over to the bench and sat down next to her. I wrapped the scarf around her shoulders and boy, did it give the plain old black outfit a brand new look.

She was absolutely shocked. Then, she took it off and folded it very precisely to the size of a napkin.

“I am going to save it and put it on when I get there so I look nice and fresh for the dinner.”

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