My grandmother is in hospice.

Today, I picked up the flowers at Trader Joe’s and the young woman who works at the “sample all of the goodies” area asked me if I ever go to Norristown to bring the bouquets of cheer. She told me that her grandmother was at a place near Johnson Highway and in room 236.

I asked her if she wanted me to go there and she said that she was in hospice and was not really aware at this point. I looked at a pretty bunch of mixed red, white, purple and yellow flowers and knew that the Petals and Blooms had a purpose. Maybe not so much for Mrs. C but maybe for her family that might like to see something of beauty at a sad time. Mrs C. was in the dining room with her daughter-in-law and another grand-daughter. I told them that Amanda requested a special, heartfelt message of “share my love” for her ill Grandmom. They were so appreciative.

I hope the vase of flowers spreads comfort energy to the family. Even though the flowers were not able to bring a smile to Grandma, the colors and scents were a nice diversion for the family members.

Over the years, I am sure that this loving family sent K flowers for happy occasions such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter and for a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Now, that K is in her twilight days, her sweet Amanda thought of her just to say, “I remember all of the special times with you….the old songs, your kiss, your smile and all of the important occasions and unimportant ones too.”

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