Solace from Above for Rose

Lots of flowers in back seat of the carA lady was getting into her car and talking to her friend. “My father died 20 years ago today, on the feast of Saint Robert Bellarmine. Right at the end of summer. Oh, how I miss him. I am always looking for ‘signs’ that he is near me.”

My car door was open so I could hear her conversation.

I reached to the back of my car and grabbed a bright array of colorful flowers to give her the simple bouquet of blossoms; as a little sign, a wish for a nice day, a cheerful thought from her dad, some solace from Above. Her name was Rose and his name was Frank.

And now in this small and special way, Frank’s life is honored by Rose, her friend, me, and all of the people who read this post. Hip Hip Hooray for all fathers….who provide and protect their families and bring such love and joy to all!

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