A cheery letter from him to all!

My father passed away 12 years ago today. He was the most positive and giving person that I have ever met. This is a picture of my dad and mom down in their basement which was the “Team of Angels headquarters.”

Every morning he would take his thermos of coffee and his radio down to the pool table and ping pong table which were his “workstations” and send out the orders that were generated by a feature story in Family Circle magazine. We received 15, 000 letters in January, 2,001. He felt that each person deserved a personal response with their angel pin.

He had throat cancer at the time and could not speak…….yet 15, 000 people nationwide “heard” from Bob Mohan….a cheery letter from him to all. It was heaven for him…coffee, the sports radio station and helping others who were going through tough times and needed A Team of Angels for the Overwhelmed. I love and miss you, Dad.

dad and mom and me angel pins in basement


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