Bringing flowers to 60 residents today! 104th birthday celebration

Now, the lady celebrating her 104th birthday…..well, she used to fly a plane, owned two dairy farms in the south, has a YMCA named in honor of her….was so attractive and looked about 80 years old. Unbelievable. I said, “You flew a plane? Were you in the military? I didn’t think that women had the opportunity to fly planes.” She clearly said, “Well, I did!”

WOW……that’s all I can say! You and all of the flowers were amazing! Your impact was felt throughout the entire assisted living community……and that is hard to do in one day……and you did it all before lunch! But really thank you so much for the last minute effort too! My assistant Marcee has the photos on her phone and I will have her send them to Susan, the editor at the newspaper. I will also contact Susan directly and maybe get a story in the paper about our wonderful resident who celebrated her 104th birthday today and all of the flowers that brought such joy to all of our residents.

Thanks again.

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