“I got flowers! I got flowers!”

flowers google images sept 21

I stopped into WAWA to buy my daily fix of two large bottles of Diet-Pepsi and the sales associate at the cash register was especially pleasant. As I was waiting in line, I noticed that she said something extra nice to the customers. “Thank you. Have a nice day. Come back again soon.”

So I went out to my car and grabbed a lovely warm mellow-yellow array of flowers – a perfect autumn country day bouquet – and another one with purple, gold and tan petals with a little dazzle of cardinal red blooms.

I ran back in and said, “You are so nice to your customers.”

As I made my quick getaway, I heard her say in a very loud and excited voice, “I got flowers! I got flowers!”

And as I looked behind me, I saw a look of great pleasure on her face. Maybe it was my imagination but I think the store had the smell of perfume….maybe from the flowers.

Hope she has an empty WAWA soda bottle or vase to contain them all!

Some pictures of some of my Flowering Capers!







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