What I knew for certain was that she was the apple of his eye.

I was passing the flowers out in the skilled nursing section. The nurse told me who was a good candidate for a surprise bouquet – some were allergic and some might try to eat the flowers.

So I went from wheelchair to wheelchair in the dining room shadowed by the nurse passing out the flowers with the fanciful perfume-y fragrance.

“You can give one to Sybil. And over there to the lady in the pink sweater. And the man sitting with his wife by the window. Have you ever gone to Saint Joseph’s Villa in Flourtown? A lot of the people there do not have any visitors. Most of them were nuns so they never had husbands or children. Many are very elderly and their siblings have passed on. I used to work there. You could take them to the fourth and fifth floor. That would really be sweet if you could do that next week.”

A tall man walked up to me and eagerly asked,”Can I have one for my wife? I think I have a vase in her room.” He came back with a short blue vase and looked bewildered. “Oh my, they are not going to fit in here.”

The nurse swooped in to save the day. “I have scissors and I can just cut the stems.” He looked at her like she had just performed a miracle. He showed the flowers to his wife.


His wife never looked up. Her head was bent way down. But he was all amurmur with how much she would appreciate the flowers. “She loves buttercups, roses and daisies.”

What I know for certain was that she was the apple of his eye – and he looked like a man deeply in love with his bride of many years. Back in the days of knights, she would definitely have been his fair lady.

“Dear, I have some flowers for you.”

Maybe she will wake up joyfully ….and smell the yellow roses….and maybe look up at him with love.

But honestly, I do not think so. He sees her as she used to be. I think that she has changed perhaps an effect of dementia.

I do not think she will notice the flowers or him. I remember her from another visit. She seems to be in the gateway of another world.

But I hope she gives him a warm smile. With the warmth that I see him sharing with her now.

For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health…….I think her love is way in there but it is still there!

He wrapped his arms around her.

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