We can put them on the table as a Grab Bag of flowers!

fall flowers

It is a beautiful day and I only had about a half hour to do the “Happy Flower Day” deliveries. I picked up two big white trash bags filled with a palette of beautiful fall colors – crimson, gold, scarlet and burgundy – “magical flowers for the soul.”

The bags beheld autumn’s best colors, all wrapped with attractive cellophane.

I made a quick mental scan of places to go in the area. One place popped into my mind but honestly, it is a little depressing. Then I thought of a senior living community that was so pretty. I was there about a month ago.

I opted to go to the pretty place rather than the depressing place…..just because I was having such a good day and I did not want to feel even a little bit down. I had breakfast with a friend this morning. I am getting together with my family tonight to go to Pizza Hut. I can take flowers to the depressing place next week.

I walked in and started to introduce myself. The employee said, “I remember who you are. I was here the last time you brought the bouquets. Let’s start in the dining room and then we can go to the third floor.”

Oh, I wish you could have been there to see the beauty of this wonderful 15 minute golden visit. The dear flowers were placed on the table by each place setting. The experience warmed my heart and the warm cheerful colors warmed the hearts of the residents.

“Patricia, we can leave the extra bouquets on the table in the lobby as a Grab Bag!”

Oh, what a great idea. I looked at the purple clusters of fall foliage mixed with the blue-fringed flowers and plenty of roses. Oh, the beauty of nature….the glorious colorful flowers that held the sweet fragrance that filled the lobby.

Who was the gift of flowers meant for today?

Yes, the rich people who are spending their golden years in a swanky place….they love the goldenrods but the wealth of this visit was for me too.

The people were twenty years older than me. Most of them were past the time of aspiring to great hopes and dreams.

I am hoping for my dream of the Happy Flower Day Project to be stirred to flight. Way above the autumn trees and eagles that soar in the sky…….I want it to be a nationwide project that lots of people can start in their communities too.

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