A day of flowering!

So this is what happens every morning, since May 16th except for three days that Trader Joe’s did not have flowers and two days that I went to Dewey Beach with my family.

pictures of bags of flowers

I pick up shopping carts filled with beautiful bouquets from five different Trader Joe’s stores. North Wales, Jenkintown, Ardmore, Wayne and Philadelphia.

Sometimes, I have five carts like this and on six occasions, I had 9 carts…..just picture absolutely no room in my car after filling the back seat close to the ceiling and also flowers packed in the trunk and on the floor of the car……and whoever is riding with me in the passenger seat…….is asked to hold flowers on their lap.

And then we go merrily on our way, and stop at senior living communities.

“Hi, I am Patricia Gallagher. We have some beautiful bouquets donated by Trader Joe’s. May I pass them out to your residents?”

And then off we go, in and out of rooms, in and out of lobbies, activity rooms and all around hallways. Giving the flowers to the staff and the residents.

And then we leave, exhilarated and tired, from a day of ‘a flowering.”

whole shopping cart of my flowers

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