A lady who was 108-years-old!

We went to four places – 55 bouquets to Genesis in Wyndmoor, 16 to an independent living facility on the boulevard, 35 to another Genesis in Willow Grove and then 21 bouquets to Cadbury in Cherry Hill. Picked up flowers at three Trader Joes’ stores. Even gave them to a lady who was 108 years old! The nurse said, “Tell Patricia how old you are.” “Well, I was born in 1905.” The lady next to her in Bed 2 said, “She thinks she is only 107 but I did the Math and she is 108!” Last week, we brought flowers to a Sunrise where a lady celebrated her 104th birthday. Both only looked like they were in their 80’s.

Photo credit: Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography TheMomentPhoto.com


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