Sweet new blooms blossom a new idea for me. Flowers improve mental health for residents too.

whole shopping cart of my flowersMost of you probably know that for several years, I was the Director of the Speaking about Depression Project. http://www.speakingaboutdepression.com

It was rewarding but also hard for me to do. When I created the Happy Flower Day Project, I was surprised to realize that in a way, I was still connected to the mental health field. Depression is a big concern in nursing home arenas.

So many losses for the people there. And the flowers…..the spring, summer and fall bouquets…..maybe they are blooms of health and good cheer but maybe something just a little bit more.

Lucy just kept repeating yesterday, “Somebody cares. Somebody cares. Somebody cares. Oh, these flowers are a blessing!”

My blooms hopefully are an antidote for depression….at least for the time that the fragrance lingers on a nightstand and until the bright flowers wilt.

And my wishes linger on….that each person finds a good friend wherever they are. Someone to talk about blessings with. Someone to pray with. Someone to cry with. Someone to sing with. Someone to help them push their wheelchair into an elevator. Someone who shows them a little affection. Someone to laugh softly with.

We are all so busy with our lives…like the residents used to be. No more cooking, cleaning, sewing, working with pride, making an angel food cake for a neighbor, grandkids scampering about, licking icing from a spoon and helping others in their community.

I see lots of “patches of blue” ……yes, the depression blues and cloudy mental health days. A lot of them would like to have a “purpose.”

I have an idea. What if we brought the flowers to a different senior community every day – on a certain schedule. Such as Sunrise would be the first Monday of the month. We would bring vases and 75 bouquets there. We would go into an activity room with tables. And the residents could arrange the bouquets in vases. Add a pretty card. And they would know that they had a “purpose” that day because the flowers that they prepared were going to a children’s hospital or to Meals on Wheels recipients. And the next day, I could take the flowers to a Genesis facility and they could be the Flower Angels, getting the flowers arranged to go to a hospital.

fall flowers google images

I think it would look like a glimpse of heaven and the residents would feel like angels helping others.

Instead the memory of the  happy time of mixing the icing,  we could create a new happy thing to do. We might just hear someone humming a tune of cheer while arranging big buds about to bloom with the smell of sweet perfume!

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