300 bouquets today? Seems impossible.

I could never have imagined this type of day with the flower deliveries. I decided to use my mother’s car because mine had a lot of junk in it for another project. I did not have a volunteer with me in the passenger seat today and that was a good thing….because when I got to a Trader Joe’s, they had four shopping carts filled with flowers and the second store had more than ever too. There was absolutely no room in the car to fit even a toothpick when I stuffed all of the bags into every space. I went to a big place with 360 residents. I had never been there before with flowers.

Everybody that we passed got flowers; the staff, visitors, residents…….after an hour and a half of in and out to the car for more bags, and in and out of the elevators, and in and out of activity rooms, I asked the activity assistant, “How many flowers do you think we passed out?” She answered, “About 300.” My mouth dropped. “300?” “Well, we have six units and we went to all of them except the dementia unit and they have 60 residents there.”

I had twenty bouquets of sunflowers left so I stopped at Grundy Towers in Doylestown and passed the rest out there. A lady called to me by name from the transportation bus parked outside. The kind that takes the residents to Wal-Mart and the ACME. I recognized her. She was at the other place and had just finished visiting her husband when she spotted me struggling with the bags of flowers. Rosemarie helped me pick them up and now here she was at the second place…..where she lives. So she got her second bouquet of flowers within two hours. In the order of the Cosmos, I think I was supposed to meet her for some reason!

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