Flowers to a synagogue! Special delivery to seniors’ luncheon.

Next Wednesday, I am taking the lovely bouquets to the synagogue senior luncheon on Route 73. Amy just called to say there would be 35 people anxiously waiting for the flowers at 11:30 am. I first met Inga at the synagogue rummage sale and she is one of my volunteer helpers. She is 82. She asked me if I would speak at the luncheon next week and bring the petals and blooms for her friends. I went to Catholic school. So know how to follow marching orders! So, I will be marching over there next week at this time.

I think the familiar fragrance of the flowers does so much for older people. It takes them back to a time of memories of a balmy Florida spring vacation – enjoying the beautiful southern gardens – and seeing flowers that climb up the trellis. Or the memory of planting colorful seeds for a “victory garden” with the fragrance of sweet peas and sweet-smelling dirt. Oh, it is heavenly for me to be The Flower Lady. Happy Flower Day to all of you too!

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