No medicine needed for the blues when colorful flowers show up unexpectedly.

I gave two bouquets of flowers to the ladies who volunteer at the hospital information desk, the hospital where my mother is being cared for. They told me that they lives in a local senior apartment building.

fall flowers google images

I stopped by their senior complex the other day and things were pretty quiet there. Just a few people sitting in the lobby so I gave away five bouquets.

Someone suggested I put the rest of the sunflower bounty in the BINGO room.

Today, I passed the information desk on my way to the elevator at the hospital. as I was getting on the elevator, the volunteer asked, “Was that you who brought the flowers to our BINGO room? I thought so. I got down there too late and they were all gone!”

Not to worry, Lucy, there will be plenty more ‘a coming! I am going to schedule a visit for an officially planned Happy Flower Day delivery next week. Flowers for all residents……guaranteed!

There is something about an unexpected abundance of flowers arriving that gets people fluttering with excitement at a senior apartment complex. A surprise gift for everyone in need of a smile.

No medicine needed for the blues when carnations, posies, daisies and roses arrive. It just makes everybody feel a little rosy-er!

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